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How To Improve Longevity 

Dr. Karen Becker a top Veterinarian 

We would like to share some information to improve knowledge of our clients & perhaps future clients for the better health & longevity of your fur babies. Most of the information comes from the knowledge shared to the world by Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker. 


Important Information


Over Vaccinating

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Early Spay/Neuter

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Best To Worst Foods

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Did you know that the average dog receives up to 18 vaccines in 3 months?  

Did you know a Dachshund receives the same size (dosage) vaccine as a Great Dane and at the same frequence. 

Did you know One - Two (Booster) Vaccinations could last your dog a lifetime.

I have a Video to the side that truly brightens your eyes & ears on the everyday over vaccination.. 

Did you know early spay/neuter has an effect on your dogs Endocrine System (function of the glands & hormones)? The natural hormone mechanisms becomes unregulated in neutered dogs.

Early spay/neuter can also cause Obesity, Urinary Incontinence, Various Cancers, Immune-Medicated Diseases, Musculoskeletal Disorder, Behavior problems...

Did you know many kibble companies have many toxins that is slowly affecting your dogs longevity. Degeneration does happen but doesn't suddenly die.

It is said that a properly made raw meal for your dog is the #1 healthiest meal. It also mimics a closer diet similar to animals in the wild. (made properly)

Did you know dogs & cats only chew up and down, not side to side. 

Did you up to 30% of wild animal's intestine contain plant mater.

View the video to get more information on your dogs best diet choice. 13 Rankings of food from best to worst.

Stella & ChewyOur Go To Food

HeavenlyHund's feeds Stella & Chewy "Only the good stuff." 

The dogs absolutely love it said by so many of our clients who

feed this brand. If your dog is very picky and will not try

anything else try Stella & Chewy you will not be disappointed.

It comes grain FREE as well. 

We have never have had any problems with this food it comes

in many different Varieties to pick from.

Stella & Chewy has chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, duck,

venison, turkey and White fish...

Also try the meal mixers, the meal patty's and dog gravy.

Stella & Chewy is very known for helping in dogs coat, digestive system, teeth, solid excrement with no smell. 

"Nothing but smiles and tail wags." A closer mimic of raw diet. 

Amelie and the hounds.

Grand pups Black Velvet & Spaetzle

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