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Winston & Huey Family 

1.  You're so passionate about your puppies, breeding, the litter's pedigree, and showing your babies.
2.  You were the only two breeders who asked ME questions.  I felt like I was full on interrogated by both of you two breeders, which showed me every one of your puppies goes to a wonderful home that you approve of, and that your puppies will be as spoiled as they would be if they stayed with you.
Every other litter I was interested in, I honestly felt like I was just another pay cheque.  It's important to me that you care where your babies go, there are so many people out there that shouldn't have dogs.
3.  I have waited through around 5 litters.  After seeing the puppies/their moms/visiting the kennels it just didn't feel right.  When you sent me a photo of the litter you have and I found out the reverse silver dapple might be available I just knew he was the one.  He was a lot more than I was planning to spend, and that really didn't matter because once I saw the little guy I NEEDED to have him.  You can't put a price on love(lol).  He is perfect.  The timing of the litter is perfect.  And after speaking with you on the phone I just knew that this little guy was going to be my little man.

Emma Family

Dear Amelie,


I am writing this review to express my gratitude and admiration for your dedication to the breed. I am so happy that I found you on the CKC website. Right from the first communication that started almost a year ago you were absolutely amazing to deal with. You were very transparent, very honest and always responded in a timely manner. I read your story on your website, saw the pictures that you posted and then when I finally had an opportunity to meet you and your little angels last May, everything came together. Your love for your little furry babies is undeniable. You care not only about their looks but the health and temperament and the wellbeing  of your puppies which what any dog owner would want. We finally got our little angel Emma and we are so grateful for given us a chance to have one of your pups. You’ve been there for us since the moment we took her home, holding our hand, given us direction and providing guidance. You are always there for your pups and their owners. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

Natalia & Emma

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